Hanging On To Life

by graypoet
Thoughtful by emejota

Thoughtful by emejota

Have you ever pondered the question
Why a terminal patient hangs on so long
Is it ingrained in us to cling so hard to life
Is our wanting suffering to end so wrong.

We hear it said so often at these dear times
That they will be going to a better place
So why do they hold so tight to each breath
When giving up would start this new race.

Could it be that as it was in the beginning
Man being placed on this sphere of dirt
That we desire to work and enjoy our time
Even with all this stress, frustration and hurt.

I don’t question my faith or the things I know
I think of desire each one has to try to stay
I believe we are meant to live under better conditions
To reach that day with loved ones, I still pray.

One Comment to “Hanging On To Life”

  1. I think that every cell strives to live against all obstacles. The soul and heart, may follow different paths.

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