August Full Moon Fibonacci

by Caddo


In blue
Beauty rises—pearled
Perfection, silver sphere; floats up,
Balloon-like, above froth-spiked waves, clouds on cobalt sea.


Tulle gown
Hides nothing
From moon’s sapphire love.
Luminous personality
Reflects glittered shivers, pieces of stars falling free.

©Bennetta Faire, 2013

4 Comments to “August Full Moon Fibonacci”

  1. you’re on a real Fibonacci roll – excellent

  2. Oh yes! Lovely and SO YOU!! Lets catch those piecesof stars falling free! Xxx Hs and Ss xxX

    • I can’t believe how behind I am in replying to comments, Christine–my apologies! Then I remembered I was in the kitchen for days–that’ll do it!! I have such a visual of you and I, out in your lovely garden at night, catching pieces of stars….hmmm, that sounds like a poem coming on.

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