by beeseeker

Dragging grudge-fossil boned,
Battleship-anchor chain jointed carcass
In hopeless pursuit of sleep’s
Elusive dryad dancers;
Through the glades,
Along the rides
Of silent, silver-filtered
Low Moon Forestlands.

Aching, desperate and needy
I stumble, heavy-hearted,
Robbed of breath and energy,
Chasing mocking shadows-in-shadow.
I mean only to join, befriend, embrace
The gentle faerie waltzers
Who skitter away, leaving only
Waymark arrows that
Point the ways to the
Trip-root, winding paths to
Exhaustion’s dawn.

Morning everyone …

2 Comments to “Fool-Takes-All”

  1. Wow, this is good. So many great phrases, it’s hard to choose a fave–but I’ll go with “silver-filtered star-starved”. It’s all breath-taking–I like “mocking shadows-in-shadow”, and I really groove on “trip-root” for some reason. Excellent, excellent poem.

  2. Thanks a lot, inspired by sleepless night after four hours in a dentist chair: glad it was worth it … And maybe I will sleep tonight.;-)

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