One Set Apart

by Morgan



Thou art Splendid Among Ten Thousand!
Gold, in Thy Presence tarnishes and fades!
Lost in Thy shadow are All the Treasures of the Earth,
Chaff and Chattel All they be!
Magnificent Thou Art, Oh My Most Beautiful Love;
As One Set Apart from All others,
Wondrous and Remarkable.
Breathtaking and Pleasing.
Grant, O Thou My Love,
That I may Ever Linger with Thee,
And Changeless Let my Love Be,
Ever Fixed to Thee.






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8 Comments to “One Set Apart”

  1. I love this poem and its use of Old English, very nicely done.

    • Thank You ever so much 🙂 I tend to think the eloquence of the English language has been lost in the modern translation. I love to use the older, more lovely forms.

      • I couldn’t agree more, modern English does not have the flare that older styles had. I suppose that it is up to poets such as yourself to keep it alive. Beautiful work Morgan. 🙂

  2. As Dom said the old English terms set it apart.

  3. Oh WOW, this is Wonderful–a psalm, a hymn–it lifts my soul.

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