Love Is Gone

by wordypenguin

I sit here contemplating the future
But you’re all I think of
We try and stay afloat
But our love would always sink us

I pretend the problem’s solved
Once I forget the question
But you ask again
Because you don’t learn your lesson

I swear on the heavens I have no regrets
For my mind’s left in the past
So that promise was never checked

I eventually fell astray
I just lost it on the way
So certain in my intentions
I thought that I’d never sway

Between the cameras flashing
I guess that it had to happen
The negatives to the perfect picture
I just had to have them

My collection consists of all that I had to take
We celebrated the sacrifices we had to make
We had to wait, unprepared for the loss
Overthinking on the way and unaware of the cost

I can write a song
But can’t rewrite my wrongs
I guess you live and learn
Learn when the love is gone

2 Comments to “Love Is Gone”

  1. Feel the sadness at experience gained in this well crafted piece: the fine progression to the final (so far) lesson.

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