The weeping angel.

by willowdot21

I saw the Angel at the grave she was weeping tears.

The weight of all the grief she had seen, years of pain and fears.

It hurt me to see the angel so, such a burden she had to carry.

The hate  and betrayal all around I wondered why she should tarry.

Her tears were real I touched them so I know.

I wondered what on earth had made this lacrimo flow.

She told me all that she had seen and places she had been.

The trenches of Ypres, concentration camps and bloody fields at Waterloo

She had held dying men and abused women and children too.

The world is not improving even after all that she had tried .

To guide and help and educate us toward peace and love . It was always pushed aside.

She asked me for my help, I was indeed surprised.

I am a mere mortal who has sinned and lost all pride.

Reaching out a hand to me , she touched my chilled skin.

To my great surprise she was warm and  that set me wondering.

How could marble feel like flesh, my heart began to pound

I looked into her blue eyes another wonder there I found.

As well as tears I saw great great knowledge

Gained from living life too long, not the type we learn from  college.

She offered me a bag of seeds the like I had never seen

She begged plant them where I stood among this grass so green.

I asked her what the seeds were that she asked I plant upon this slope.

She looked at me with pleading eyes and whispered they are the seeds of hope!

I was holding in my hands the hope for all the world,

It was a terrifying thought so around them, to keep them safe, my fingers gently curled .

Plant them please, plant them now and make to me one vow.

Tend these most important seeds, watch them as they grow.

I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders as those tiny seeds I then did sow.

The angel sighed so gently I nearly didn’t hear.

She smiled at me and touched my face and told me not to fear.

She looked so very tired,  she looked so very old.

Then suddenly with no fuss she once again was made of marble cold.


7 Comments to “The weeping angel.”

  1. Great words, complimented by well-chosen images.

  2. Reminded me of Michael Angelo’s comment that inside every marble is a David ~ Your writing is striking in its conflictive elements and their resolutions ~ wonderful as always ! Debbie

  3. Great poem and photos Willow.

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