Thinking It Over

by wordypenguin

I’m thinking it over
The way you make me feel so wanted
But later it causes me shame
I want to lean on your shoulder
I wish that I was allowed
But I don’t want to cause any pain
And I’m feeling like we’ve got nothing to gain

What if I never even see you
Because we’re both on a stage?
Don’t tell me to listen to our song
Because it isn’t the same
I feel like our love is just a waiting game

I’m thinking it over
What if the way we began
Made it a curse from the start?
What if it only gets colder?
Would you still wrap me up?
Would you still think this was smart?
Lately I’ve been scared
Of even thinking about where we are


3 Comments to “Thinking It Over”

  1. Maybe you should dive in and test the waters despite all of the “what if’s”. Life is meant to be lived without regrets…even the negative experiences teach us something.

  2. sorry I’ve missed your writings but it’s been a rough week ~ well written ~ Remember we always walk by faith, we never sow a seed without believing it’ll produce right? 🙂

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