Synchronized Silences

by wordypenguin

Driving down the bay at night
Waiting for the evening tide
Sailing with you by my side
Sailing till the sun was bright

Flashes of my lifetime
Every time I’m in this place
You’re just a bliss away

Freedom’s when
You have to leave
But you decide to stay anyway
Think I’ll try to get some sleep

I know we’ll find our way one day
Visions of my lifetime
Every time I think of you
You’re just a kiss away

A scent of you
Comes like a wave
Takes me back to lazy days
Endless talks, about a plan

Synchronizing silences
Still don’t get the drift
How love could make us scared
Why did we hesitate?

8 Comments to “Synchronized Silences”

  1. what an enraptured feeling this streams forth! BEAUTIFUL !

  2. Wow, this just picks you up and carries you away with it… that’s good poetry.

  3. This is breathtaking!

  4. Very nice imagery. I can see it… sense it… feel the longing.. the question. Nicely done

  5. Hmmm, very reflective piece (for me).
    There is so much to think about, especially the sparks in verses three and six.
    Great writing!

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