Stalking the Elf

by The Blue Madame

The creatures all hid in their dens,
none willing to lend a hand.
Only a fool would intrude.
The wolf was on the hunt
searching for the elf.
He had his scent now, and refused
to rest until he was found.
The Queen was some place hidden
her wounds slowly mending.

Her beautiful wings grew from diaphanous
strings becoming delicate layers of translucent
petals woven together until they shown like metal.
In the hiding place she slept
unaware her Dark Wolf had left.
He moved like a wraith through the moon
lit forest with deadly grace.
Never resting, ignoring the cold,
thirsty for Elf blood the Dark Wolf pressed on.
In a meadow the Elf laughed in
a sing song voice he confessed.
Under the moon his voice sang with glee.
“For the lady in blue I killed the Fairy Queen.”
Happily he began to dance
unaware this night would be his last.

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