The Story is Told: Loop Poem

by Rana

Poetry challenge: loop poetry.

Of angels and demons,

demons in my view.

View of the world,

world of the living…

living and the dead.

Dead and gone

gone far away,

away and left me nothing.

Nothing left now,

now when comes the end.

End of all beginnings

beginning to end them all.

All among the angels,

angels in my view.

View of the blind,

blind to the world,

world of the dead…

dead and gone

gone far away.

Away and left me hopeless.

Hopeless life comes to an end.

End of one beginning,

beginning to come again.

Again the story is told,

told of…

of angels and demons.


3 Responses to “The Story is Told: Loop Poem”

  1. This is great. Thanks for introducing me to this form of poetry.


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