Loop Poetry: Who am I?

by Venkat

Poetry challenge: loop poetry.

Who am I?

I am what I don’t see

See my existence unknown

Unknown as my fate to be

Life’s meaning from a question

Question to think hard and deep

Deep as the ocean in a mystery

Mystery to wake us from sleep

Who am I?

I am what I don’t feel

Feel my shapeless spirit

Spirit with the Lord’s seal

Life’s seed in all beings

Beings with pure innocence

Innocence smeared by man

Man pure within, devoid of sense

Who am I?

I am what I don’t hear

Hear the unheard voice inside

Inside the soul from my ear

Life has no easy answer

Answer to understand

Understand the meaning of ‘I’

‘I’, a question written by God’s hand

© Venkat

14 Responses to “Loop Poetry: Who am I?”

  1. Oh my goodness–wow. Quiet, reverential beauty in all of this–and I so love the mystery that wakes us from sleep. I don’t know if I can say this right, but your writing is such that I just sink into the poetry–a respite from life’s daily-ness.


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