by wordypenguin

I am not who you see
Not who you think me to be
The real me, no one knows
If anyone cares, no one shows

It’s easy to feed lies
When I have a disguise
I can’t even tell who I am
My personality is just a scam

It’s become routine to keep up the act
It no longer takes any effort to enact
I’ve become victim of my own devise
And it’s leading me to my demise

It’s tough to feel good
When nobody knows you
If only someone understood
Then maybe I’d be happy too

I’m tired of playing this game
I just want to be me
I’ll just face embarrassment and shame
But at least I’ll be free

But I’ll need some help from you
To help me to pull through
I’ll need a crutch to help me stand
Can you provide me with solid land?

I’ve hidden here long enough
I’ve let this shell grow so tough
But now it’s time to take it off
Face the cold without a cough

It’ll be a change for sure
A makeover of my allure
But the revelation is for the best
A refresher from all the unrest

I hope it will do me proud
I hope that it won’t draw a crowd
The real me, I’m ready to expose
I’m genuine, I hope it shows

Accept me now, accept me not
It’s for myself that I had fought
If the real me is not what you’d sought
Then I guess you’re not worth my thought

For a little longer I’ll keep the mask on
I’ll wait for the problems to be gone
I hope that they don’t last forever
Otherwise you’ll see me never


3 Comments to “Masked”

  1. It could relate to a lot of people.

  2. I think it does relate to many – we all have a mask or persona that is not our authentic self..its a question of where you show whom..
    nicely done!

  3. Fabulous rhyming and, common wondering we can’t always look at facing self, but, the fact that you write upon this sensitive truth implicates you have been or have faced yourself ~excellent expression !

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