by The Blue Madame

Shimmering wings lay broken and shattered.
Glittering shards across the forest lay scattered.
Through the trees the wind blows.
From the dark the wolves howl.
Fairy dust trails like blood.
It’s liquid silver seeps into the ground.
Moonlight revels the murderous scene.
In a pool of light lays the Fairy Queen.
Naked and torn her life force nearly gone.
Golden gashes mark her form.
Above her poised in a threatening stance.
Silvered eyes hold you in a trance.
Hackles raised, lips peeled in a snarl.
From deep within he lets out a growl.
Back away slowly from what you have seen.
Perhaps the dark wolf will let you live.
Throwing his head back he belts out his anguish.
In a pool of moonlight his Queen has been left to languish.
His howls reverberate across the land.
The creatures all tremble in their dens.
They all know if the Fairy Queen doesn’t live,
he will tear them all, limb from limb


7 Responses to “Broken”

  1. wonderful ! Intrigued from the beginning !


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