Nonet: Poetic Brain

by Venkat

an idea seeping inside me
surfing through my brain’s thin fluids
untangled among the nerves
sending signals within

urging me to write
to vent feelings
yet control

© Venkat

8 Comments to “Nonet: Poetic Brain”

  1. I understand the poem. Thoughts hit our head and we must write. Thank you for the excellent poetry.

    • Thanks! Your understanding makes it part of the excellence ;). The idea to me is to vent feelings yet think, measure multiple times to put in the “right” form!

  2. When something comes into my head by the time I get pen and paper its gone 🙂

  3. Wonderful shape makes the words sharper.

  4. Ooooh, another one I really LIKE! Recently I’ve had to come to the place where, if I forget some “brilliant” idea, I accept that it will either resurface–or God will bring me a better one on the morrow.

    • Great. I used to take notes earlier when such ideas came. Later I stopped it and let it come naturally. If I forget I expect something better coming on the way 🙂

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