what swims in my vodka

by suicidallyanonymous

They click around
old quotes
and melt heavy-lidded records
in convection ovens,
in remembrance
of half-baked crooners
that serenaded
the aliens in your pocket.

Within foggy spaces
between the lips
and hearts
of lukewarm homeless,
you fill your journal
like sand in a glass jar
with nowhere to go.

We accidently text
with the caps lock on,
and that’s really how
the war started:
a misplaced acronym
and a few shots of vodka
-straight, no chaser.

Today I found clouds
in my daily dose
of caffeinated tar,
it was spiked
with narcolepsy.

But that’s what they all say.


One Comment to “what swims in my vodka”

  1. Hooked by the title…
    Everything between that and those last barbed two lines is addictive.
    Name your poison!

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