Abnormality Is Normal

by Venkat

The first look at blood

Between fear and realization

The first tears of a child

Between inner and outer world

The first man on the moon

Between thought and machine

The first day of separation

Between freedom and alienation

Each experience


From prevailing feelings

At underlying roots

A dripping tap, a melody

To a musician at heart

An irritation

To the unmusical

Life, not a test paper

To grade people

Or create abnormality

In meaning and mind

Everyday test papers

We cannot live without

Abnormal writers would exist

So long as grammar lives

Abnormality in the end

A nature of your measure

A matter of relativity

As acute as the subject you judge

My predicament

Between pen and thought

Limited in this limitless mind

Watching myself, feeling abnormal

© Venkat

2 Comments to “Abnormality Is Normal”

  1. Fine observation, I especially liked the thought-provoking first two verses.

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