Where Am I Going?

by Venkat

An inquisitive self

On this moving earth

At every corner of emotion

A line bound me to a thought

A question eating my soul

Hollowness within

Emptiness, deep

Where am I going?

From dawn to dusk

I felt my steps

Groping my self

Undone by life’s double edge

Dryness in the green

Death of a rising voice

A journey of mystery

Where am I going?

Walking on this tight rope

For years

I found light in darkness

Life, an endless path

Not a cross road

As mother earth

The goal, simple

Just keep moving on

© Venkat

9 Comments to “Where Am I Going?”

  1. a question I ask myself quite often…

  2. A simple enough question only that the answer may not be, as firm as a rock today and an elusive shadow of smoke the moment. Thought provoking, this was.

  3. That second verse … stunning
    “Dryness in the green
    Death of a rising voice”
    Not sure of your musical tastes, but this linked me to:

    not sure why .

  4. Difficult to choose a fave line or phrase in this–it’s all Good.

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