Lost in the City !!

by Darshan Gajara

Seems like everything’s lost, I’m full of pain..
Struggled so hard, but what did I gain.

I entered the city of dreams, with a complex dream..
And I thought it would be easy as licking a cream.

I was a man of action,
Now transformed to man of words..
Even now I wish to accompany free fying birds.

The city has one simple rule,
There’s no room for fool.

Playing the pressure is a talent here,
And you just can’t keep away from fear.

Years before, I believed I’m a bit timid & crazy creature,
And now, I can’t even figure out my nature.

Forget whether you’re characterized,
The city makes sure you’re institutionalized.

Facing the mirror, I can’t even hit upon me,
Maybe this is my doorway cost..
And this concludes I’m somewhere lost.


2 Comments to “Lost in the City !!”

  1. I think you’re very aware and conscientious of where you’re at! wonderful dramatized viewpoint !

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