If Life Were a Dish

by Venkat

If Life were a dish

I would taste every bit

Chew it till I finish

Blessed indeed to have it

I’d be sure not to overheat

Or add too much salt

When with guests to treat

Try not to make a fault

I’d seek to know the recipe

Find the proportion to taste

Till I am perfect and happy

And care not to cook in haste

If Life were a dish

I’d think twice on my hunger

See the poor man’s wish

Give alms without anger

As love grows from a tiny seed

Food, digested most in little pieces

Too big a piece, you cannot feed

Life, experienced best in slices

Without little ounces of spice

Any dish is bland

Too much of same thing, not nice

When so, I’d not withstand

If I’m lost in a world, painful

I’d remind to get a grip and hold

To savour life to the full

I should eat it before it gets cold

© Venkat

2 Comments to “If Life Were a Dish”

  1. Wow, this is good–I like the idea of life in “slices”.

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