by Apurva

They’ll mark the date in the calendar,

with the enthusiasm of an expectant father,

who’s dying to know what his baby looks like,

& can’t wait 6 months longer!

A month before the D date,

they’ll start advertising

their plans,

not to invite us silly,

but to reserve  the T.V. ,

oh damn!!

The day before the game,

you’ll see them pacing

back and forth,

face ridden with anxiety,

like a student before the boards!!

When the day finally arrives,

they’ll be busy calling up friends,

discussing who can stay wide awake,

till the match ends!

By the time their game begins,

most of us are half asleep,

& when you wake up in the morning,

to find them dozing off,

with the lights on,

TV running,

you know

their team’s

LOST it!!!!

© Apurva


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