Some Motivation (Get Up)

by crissybwell

So you need some inspiration,
Where are you looking to find it,
Have you looked around that hard,
Or are you too lazy to go and seek?

Come on get up,
Let’s get a move on,
I am not being kind this time,
You will get just what you want,
Because I am standing by your side.

Get a move on here,
No more standing around,
Move those feet, that body,
Get yourself in gear.

Nothing happens easily,
Life it takes some work,
But if you just sit and wait,
You will miss your chance.

You have to be ready,
Always be prepared,
Dare yourself to move,
Rather than just hanging around.

I am picking you up again,
Yes I am forcing you to action,
I won’t let you waste yourself,
I have seen all of your talent.

It’s hard to believe in yourself,
But step out of your comfort zone,
Take a chance and you might see,
All you wanted you can achieve.


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