Two Quiet Ladies

by Venkat

Poetry Challenge: Oxymoron

Two quiet ladies

Working out inside

Went straight for the rounds

Shared selfish motives

Though firm in their doubt

They became rich by losing pounds

Ate a highly low-fat diet

And gave up on juicy dry fruits

Β© Venkat

10 Responses to “Two Quiet Ladies”

  1. One more Harry! Also, this is my 50th post in Poet’s corner πŸ™‚

  2. Two quiet ladies? an oxymoron? Risky!

  3. Ahh, this is perfect–and that first line killed me with laughter! So, you think all ladies are chatterboxes?? I confess–I’m an unrepentant, incurable jabberer.

  4. 50 poems very good, you are getting to be expert at this type of poetry πŸ™‚

    As Paul said , two quiet ladies, impossible to find

  5. Loved it but as oxymoron’s go ‘Two quiet ladies’ is a tad cheeky!!


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