by journeyintopoetry

This morning when I woke up
I could feel it;
it’s been hovering for weeks,
inescapable feeling of losing grip,
oil-coated life slipping
through slithery-dithery hands.
Dependant on so many
for so much,
each doing their
not-good-enough best
because it’s not my way;
simultaneous overspill of gratitude;

Thank you for this, thank you so much for that;
I appreciate all your help, I really do…

I feel confused,
and sad.
None of this was in the plan,
not mine.
Mine was to fly free,
up high among birds in a limitless sky,
oyster-world opportunities, well-earned.
So whose plan is this,
and why?
Or is it simply nature
being as cruel as it can be kind?


19 Comments to “Slip-Sliding”

  1. Wonderful poem, dear heart–and torturous, as I imagine the struggle. It’s good to get the feelings on paper and share with many who care. God bless you.

  2. Hi Christine,
    great poem. Gratitude is about little things, and I am sure you will find it back in baby smiles and dog sniffles 🙂 meanwhile best wishes! L&H xx

    • Thank you Ina. I dont usually double up posting but this one I have put on my blog too! It makes it sound as though Im shouting it!! I actually seem to be emerging from the oily mess. It just happens from time to time

      L&H xx

  3. That was beautiful and it must have been hard to write.

    Always double post, everyone else doe’s 🙂

  4. a tortured verse of something I know well…

  5. beautiful insights and feeling ~ your plan will unfold and fit perfectly in Your Creator’s design! Blessings dear~Debbie

    • Thank you Debbie, for this reassuring comment. I think, maybe, some sort of reassurance is what I am searching for., Im not sure of a yrhing right now. My sense of equanimity has been very disturbed, but I do feel a litle better about things today. Xx

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