by Apurva

I was standing at the crossroads,

unsure which way to go,

My heart chose the right one,

the mind said no,

The left one’s better,

choose the left, it said,

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Everyone’s going there,

there’s nothing to dread.

You’ll love it once you get there,

with all your friends around,

You can talk and chat and hang out,

no limits or bounds.

You’ll have splendid company,

in the form of a computer,

you can stare at it all day,

as you would a worthy suitor!

Don’t stress yourself over,

being treated like donkeys,

They may make you slog for hours,

but they will pay you handsomely,

No need to ask your worth,

or what you bring to the table,

No one’s got time for that,

to give you fancy labels.

Why can’t you just be happy,

having a job that pays?

Why crave satisfaction,

in this day and age?

The heart pitched in,

broke its silence and said,

You are right my friend,

but that’s not all I’m afraid.

What is she working for,

Have you bothered to know?

Is money all she want,

or is there something more?

Let her be the judge

of what’s best for her,

she is human after all,

not some robot with fur

Her life is her’s alone,

quite unlike anyone else’s,

why should her work be different,

bereft of uniqueness?

I listened to them both,

as intently as I could,

then went on with my heart,

despite what it took.

Although I have no regrets,

& I’m as happy as can be,

I can’t help but wonder,

where my mind would’ve taken me!
© apurva

2 Comments to “Crossroads”

  1. This resonated with me very much, and I loved the way you finished it. I don’t have regrets either, but sometimes I do wonder what I’d be doing and where I would be if I had listened to my mind…

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