Manifesting From Words to Action

by crissybwell


What can I write,
That has not been said,
Maybe these words,
Are just repeats?

I know that life,
Comes in circles,
You are up,
Then you get knocked down again.

I want the peace,
I search for the happy,
I need to embrace these things,
I find hopeful in writing.

I may find the day,
When all these words,
Cease being just on the page,
And take action in my life.

15 Responses to “Manifesting From Words to Action”

  1. it’s the old question – can we even have an original thought ?

    • Yes it is. Of course there is also the argument that Shakespeare covered every topic there is so I guess, it may not be original but you have to think about some aspect of it in an original way. I guess we can’t all go around re-creating the same thing over and over right? There has to be some place for originality still.

      • as poets, can we create new metaphors, new ways to view our humanity… I see that as one challenge, to create a phrase or thought worthy of being read out loud.

      • I couldn’t agree more and not only create new ways, but be able to share just how we view those things so that others get a clear picture. Just like no two people are the same, too often no one views any poem in the exact same way. Different stanzas, lines, stand out for different reasons and so it’s looking at the whole and pieces to see just how different your idea(s) might be from the norm.

      • could you write the same poem on another day ?

        Would you be able to use just the exact words to recreate it, or would your mood, surroundings alter it in some way.

      • You are right I definitely couldn’t write the sane thing because each moment I change be it good or bad the world constantly changes and so it changes us. At least that is how I think.

      • that’s one of the fun things about writing poetry… it is very ephemeral in the creative process.

      • Yes you are right about that 🙂

  2. Original thought’s has been covered over the eon’s, I think 🙂

  3. I tell people. Rare words have not been written. Better to concentrate on desire and the goals of the poem or story. The great writers of 1500-1900 wrote with great beauty and passion. We need to learn their style and passion. Write from the heart and the soul. Thank you for your thoughts on a good topic.

    • Thank you kindly for your reply and thoughts. I think you are right about what you said and we have to write from the heart. The best work comes from our love and inspiration. Thank you.

  4. Life is in circles and spirals and it always repeats itself in small portions of subtle dejavu’s.


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