Tweet Inspired Poem

by Apurva

An #inspiring story about two extraordinary lives, joined together in one extraordinary wedding!… #Heroes

— The Better India (@thebetterindia) May 9, 2013

Some get married for love,
some do so for family,
but they married for a cause,
so noble and eleemosynary!

It all started when the girl,

set eyes on a six months baby,

abandoned by a teenage mother,

who was an HIV +ve lady.

The tiny tot wasn’t infected,

all she needed was a home,

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The girl decided then and there,

she would adopt her all alone!

But of course she soon realized,

it’s easier said than done.

Adoption homes prefer couples,

she  had to marry..someone!

Time was running out real fast,

the baby was growing up too,

she could lose the tot to someone else,

within a year or two!

She then approached her dear male friend,

and requested him to marry her,

only so they could raise the child,

as loving mother and father!

He wasn’t anything like her,

in fact they were like chalk and cheese,

the only thing that held them together,

was their passion for social deeds!

He knew her as a good old friend

and believed in her worthy cause,

so he acceded to her request,

without a doubt or a pause.

But it took them two whole years,

to convince their parents of their vow,

They all finally did agree,

but the child..

had gone to someone else by now!

They didn’t forget the little one though,

how could they, after all?

She was the reason they were together,

happily in love, above all!

Their wedding was a unique and innovative affair,

without a shred of glamour,

the guests were asked not to bring gifts,

but to donate to a fund raiser!

The fund was set up in the name of the child,

who made all of this happen,

the money collected was all donated

to the education of underprivileged children.

We often complain how today’s weddings,

seem like a show of wealth,

Maybe we need to learn a thing or two,

from these two instead!

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