Something Fishy (painting poem2)

by Apurva


For those who love to interpret a piece of art as much as create it!

Who is that young lad,

fishing all alone,

looking utterly lost,

as if he has no home?

Who is that little boy,

who seems so at peace,

watching little fish

give his bait a tug and tease?

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Who is that lonely fella,

who has nothing else to do

except lazing around here

for a measly fish or two?


is it

in fact

a girl,

who’s all here by herself,

dressed as a boy,

to fool us so darn well?

Her parents must be worried,

or are they so naive,

to think that all is well,

& they have

nothing to grieve?

Oh tell me what is it,

did I guess it right or not,

Is it a boy or a girl?

My patience’s running out!

All right, here’s the thing,

it’s just..

an ordinary painting,

open to all interpretations,

so you can keep

the guesswork going!

4 Comments to “Something Fishy (painting poem2)”

  1. Love the picture. He’s all of us I reckon. Out fishing in search of something ……

  2. beautiful imagination and self interpretation ! I loved the simplicity ~it pulls you in.

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