Perks of an Indian Train Journey

by Apurva

You step out of the house,

wondering why the hell on earth,

you chose to go by train,

when of planes, there was no dearth!

You then remind yourself,

At least it’s air-conditioned,

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What if it takes

a day and half to reach your destination!

Apart from being cheaper,

there’s no limit on luggage,

You can carry all you want,

where you put it.. is your head-ache!!

Food is not a worry,

there is a full-fledged pantry,

All you have  to worry about

is..getting diarrhoea or dysentery!

Then there are the loos,

less said about them the better!

you can get used to the smell

but some don’t even have a fastener!

Despite the many shortcomings,

there are things you look forward to,


admiring the picturesque landscape

your train passes through,

or chatting up with a co-passenger,

wondering when the time flew,

Or getting lost in a novel so much,

wanting to buy the next one too!,

But most of all,

listening to the noisy chatter of people all around

having fun,

gives you a true sense of being


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