Birthday Musings

by Apurva

There’s nothing like a birthday to remind yourself
how old you really are….

As a ONE year old,
You stare wide-eyed in wonder- slightly bemused, a little irritable,

with a thumb in your mouth, somewhere in a corner,

Wondering what the commotion’s all about…..

as your parents go out of their way

to make your birthday memorable,

One that you can now barely remember!

By the time you turn FIVE,

Your parents have had enough of all the cakes, the balloons,

the noise, the tantrums and not to forget, the stains on the cushions!,

While for you, …………..

well, the FUN has only just begun!!

As you reach the age of TEN,

You find yourself pestering your parents,

to allow your very boisterous gang to party at home-

till late into the night!,

while you give your poor parents a major headache,

And your neighbours, a massive fright!!

Then, you reach your TEENS,

 You finally seem to grow out of kiddy parties.

But before your parents can heave a sigh of relief and have some rest- if any!,

You declare your plans to throw a bash at a nearby restaurant!

Of course- with their hard earned money!!

It’s only when you enter your TWENTIES,

that you eventually  figure out whom you truly wanna celebrate with,

Some choose friends, some family, some both;

while still others choose not to make such a big deal of it all!,

But most importantly, you look back and realize

that ultimately it doesn’t really matter if you are 1,5,10, 15, 20 or above-

So long as you get to celebrate the moment with the ones you love!!

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