roses – poem

by billgncs

sometimes when the scent of roses
wafts upon the air
with tip-toed stealth
melancholy strides
rhythmically beside me,
the fragrance of youthful love
inevitably destined to fail

8 Comments to “roses – poem”

  1. Gorgeous! And I love the idea of scent tiptoeing stealthily.

    Rose has alwayscbeen, and still is, oneofmy favourite fragrances. In fact our house it oozing with it at the moment as I just received formy birthday a rose candle called “True Grace” and thesame fragrance in diffuser reeds. All wonderful, especially mingled withyour words.

    The last two lines ring very true 🙂

    • thanks for you comment, sometimes it makes me sad that some of the new roses have little fragrance – as though a rose without scent is just symbolic –

    • Absolutely! The roses in our garden are lovely. Those from the supermarket however, they are what describe as blank!

      I remember as a child making rose water. We collected petals that had fallen and put them in a jar of water, shook it a bit then left it. We thought it was wonderful! Even when the water went all bown! 🙂

  2. Beautiful and profound. I feel melancholy’s stealth when I hear the dawn chorus ~ somehow the birds make nme feel so sad! Yet I love birdsong in the daytime. Strange x

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