Talk to the hand

by willowdot21

Talk to the hand the face ain’t listening .

Don’t get that close to me I can see the tiny hairs on your neck bristling!

Screaming at me like that is just so pointless

I have done nothing wrong so why cause me so much distress.

I know every time I open my mouth

I say something wrong and then the whole day goes south.

Why is it you loose your temper with me

When I am trying so hard to please you , any one can see.

Talk to the hand the face does not care.

I try so hard to do things right,it just is not fair.

I have been doing these things for many a year

but since you’ve needed to take over at all my efforts you jeer.

Yet you can’t understand why I take comfort and strength from being in here!

I do understand how hard you have worked over the years, now you have had to take  me on too.

Just because I can’t do as much  why make me feel a jerk.

There is no need to raise your voice I am neither stupid or deaf

Yes I know I can’t do all things, so don’t take away the things I have left.

Talk to the hand the face has gone out,

I am sorry but I can no longer react when you scream and shout.

It is pointless me doing things, when however hard I try

They just are not right for you and that makes me cry.

I have known you so long but still you are a mystery to me

that just can’t be right, really, how can it be?

I try my hardest not to say stupid or inappropriate things

I watch my words because your anger, my heart stings.

I really don’t mean to, I really do try

But  I just open my mouth and out   it all will fly.

If only I could just eat my words but sadly once out, they are all over, hear.

Talk to the hand the face wants to pass

I spend all of my life walking on broken glass.

I have tried to be mediator between the kids and you

Because you expect such high standards in all they say or do.

Fathers and sons are not easy to handle why

can’t you just relax and stop putting our relationships through the mangle.

2 Comments to “Talk to the hand”

  1. i really enjoyed it.could feel the emotions dripping on every word.had to share it on my facebook page.(giggles)

    • Hi Sunesiss I was feeling very low when I wrote this so I am not surprised that emotions were emanating from it. Let me know if anyone on your FACEBOOK page likes it. Did you link it back to my page. Have a good day I hope that the sun is shining for you. 😉 x

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