by Noura M.MouSsa

I’ve once considered you a crime,

But Sir, I can’t help but notice,

A quenched fire has come to life,

Now it’s time for me to recidivate.

My heart reaction was capricious,

At the your enchantment scent,

But always knew it, I cannot antagonize,

My feelings rise and them I can’t abate.

Allow me to venerate your pose in your coat noir,

Hats off to you sir, and your noblesse,

But none of the hats will be as magnificent as yours,

With that neither Ladies nor gentlemen can debate.

Hidden feelings I hold for your affectation,

But strangest of feelings that my heart embraces;

Is what I feel toward your cigarette,

But if I came to disclose, many will berate.

I envy the little roll of tobacco in your hand,

Listen and it won’t seem as bizarre,

But “bizarre” I’ve always come to be termed,

The word is strongly tied to my fate.

The way you hold it in captivation,

The way you seem to hold on to it,

It moves fairly between your fingers,

Is it me on purpose you’re trying to captivate?

No lady can compete with this love,

Holding grudges that won’t evanish like smoke,

It has been there with you over the years,

Such a love story you can’t depreciate.

I’ve came to ask oneself and wonder,

Do you treat the ladies like cigarettes?

Hold her; caress her, one after another,

Then throw her after the flames de-escalate.

I won’t try to figure you out,

I’m a lady who doesn’t stand in line,

Remain you, the image I’ve drawn in my mind,

If I break my heart, you won’t be able to compensate.

I realize it’s now eventide.

And again you’re altering the moon.

Although I would spend a longevity relishing your elegance,

I walk a different path and for home I’m late.

4 Comments to “Elegance.”

  1. Delightful!

  2. Sir. That word, stressed, made such a difference to the poem. Beautiful.

  3. Bravo and it just drapes around one like a chiffon of perfume! Brilliant !

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