What makes one love another when their spindle

Spin opposite?

Is it the heart knows something the

Head can only fathom in theory and the

Soul pristinely comprehends, like God?


‘Verily I say, love one another as I have loved you…’

Like one plus one

But it does not always equal two…


There is bountiful moonlight bouncing off the

Pink begonias in the blue pot

And the breeze, soft, like an Irish tune…


Do my senses breathe a foreign heaven

Or my soul worships a pagan god?

Is my bread less than manna because he does not share it?


Marriage is a womb where two do not always



6 Comments to ““Postpartum””

  1. I read that in your own blog, its very nice.

  2. This is lovely Deborah; you have such a wonderful way with ords. And sadly these are very true. It takes a great deal of nurturing to come to full term in a marriage, but unfortunately even that is not enough sometimes. 🙂 xx

  3. Delightful and profound, the image adds to the words which are truly thoughtful and brilliantly put together.

  4. Wow! Incredibly beautiful! I so know this feeling, and your words echo hope and pain that I have felt… as if you have pulled my own heart strings… God bless you so!

  5. Lovely and interesting analogy.

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