I’m not the same

by james left his hat


You don’t seem yourself, he said

And I wondered how long it had been since

I Saw the woman in the mirror I once recognized

Today and the day before and the month before

I wore the face of someone with bright, hopeful eyes

But I am worn down, I am beaten

I am not hoping all that much.

I hoped yesterday and the day before

I’m not hoping anymore.

People change and change faces and I’m tired of being kind

Those I once thought I knew are not the same

That bright light in my eyes I kept on, to guide them home

Is burning low, a weaning flame, and lower, lower all the time

I love some but I’m just not sure I like them anymore

So yes, I’m not the same.

I guess I’m not the same.


13 Comments to “I’m not the same”

  1. I understand well ~nevertheless don’t give a away your strength & beauty and power to anything or anyone dear.

  2. I just wrote a lengthy post on Facebook which completely connects with what I am hearing through your words. My slant was different but I can relate just the same. I am trying not to give up, though it would be easy. Please don’t you give up either.

    • Thank you Martha. I’m working on a solution right now. Thanks for the support and I wish you the same. 🙂

      • I’ve progressed from sad to mad which might sound like wasted energy yet is simply the process, I think. I’m working on finding a solution as well. I could say “just to prove . . . ” but we weren’t made to have to “prove” anything. All will be well. Thanks!

  3. My wife was sick for a year and tried many things to get better, but one woman ( a nurse ) cured her in about eight weeks with a simple process, she has been well now for about nine months, back to normal.

    I wrote two poems about her here, before and after.

  4. I’ll look for it, Harry. I’m so glad she’s well!!

  5. I understand this- have been there: in the midst of a very slow storm…the kind your soul (and eyes) can weather.

  6. That was good, Harry. I’ve suffered with the same. I have a special needs daughter, and at times it’s very hard dealing with trying to get the things needed for her. Willow, yes; there comes a point when you deal with things and deal with things and then there is nothing left to give. I know I will get through, but I also knew I was needing a change.

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