Vanity Insanity

by Apurva

Eyebrows tweaked,

face all bleached,

lips made red,

the shade you bleed.

Waxy arms,

made smooth to touch,

as if a little hair,

matters that much.

Waist tucked in,

to appear thin,

when having belly fat,

is really no sin.

Restraining a smile,

playing on your lips,

for fear it isn’t perfect,

the way it is!

Is this how you lead

your so called happy life?

looking for approval

from all the fools and wise?

Are you so afraid to look within you

& embrace your true self,

that’s calling out to you?

Or worst of them all,

have you given in

to this cruel, unjust world,

whose patience’s running thin?

I Hope and pray you haven’t

coz that would be too bad,

the world would lose a wonder,

unlike anything it’s had!


9 Responses to “Vanity Insanity”

  1. “Are you so afraid …you”
    What a telling line!

  2. I enjfoyed this very much! Society’s impression of beautiful can be frightening. It has always been the case, but somehow now it seems worse than ever. At least when I was young size 10 was small. Now its size 0!! I could go on and on… its a shame “within” loses to “without” but I dont think that will ever dhange. 🙂

    • thank you! that is true!…this poem in fact is dedicated to my dear friend who requested me to write something on this disturbing trend…I am glad so many of you loved it!

  3. vanity, all is vanity as we read in the book of Ecclesiastes !

  4. I love the imagery! very introspective. Well done! Bravo!!! 🙂


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