3 times Lipstick

by Ina


lips painted red blood
untouchable, no coffee
kisses might wear off


For the perfect look a red shade lipstick
that makes the mouth look like a blooddrenched snout:
voluptuous vampire wants to go out
for the perfect look from any dipstick.

No smile will crack the painted blood, her face
intact for admiration. She canโ€™t eat
nor drink. Her prey is just innocent meat,
she catches him with perfume, lips and lace.

When she got what she wanted, he can go,
their lips have never touched, she sucks his heart,
then kicks him out, and smiling when they part
her lips reveal the truth, her black teeth show.

A vampire never has remorse for prey,
but preys donโ€™t want it any other way.

Free verse:

The red she puts on her mouth is that of blood,
she knows exactly how she must not smile at him
to get him where she wants. Not in her bed
but on his knees so she can tell him no.

7 Comments to “3 times Lipstick”

  1. she catches him with perfume, lips and lace.

    Great descriptive lines – I like the 3 genre approach.

  2. I like the way you have set them out.

  3. wickedly beautiful…. and alluring…

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