Ashen Heart

by Rana

From wetlands deep he slunk, emerged

with all the marshlands in his grasp.

Marching west, his army surged

to cast out the people. So came the asp,

contempt in his hollow, ashen heart,

blind beasts in tow. They screech and bellow

his taken name, the seductive Carrow,

Bringer of Glory and breaker of hearts.

Without comprehension of war or death,

the people cowered, drew shallow breath

’til claws would drag them into the light

to shower blood into the moonlight.

May your pulsing beat burn hot and raw,

your eyes be peeled by crows. In awe

may I watch your torment, see you fall

and dance on your corpse, in vengeance for all.


One Comment to “Ashen Heart”

  1. plenty of red hot emotions !

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