Hanging on the bough are a few rotting peaches.

I stare at them from my window as though they were

Beckoning me to see, to hear and to tell their story…

Browning under the sun and losing luster they cease to

Be appealing to the eye but my mouth waters at the smell

Of their odor coming from a high breeze blowing…

How did I forget to pick them? 

They were too high and there were so many others

Easier to grasp and just bite!

Now my hunger aches in my throat and I wonder if

I never saw them would I desire their succulence at this

Hour of reflection…

Temptation is a fruit that can hurricane or lulls you

Into tasting more than nectar…

Sometimes leaving it rot is safer.


4 Comments to ““Lure””

  1. “Into tasting more than nectar …”
    What a line to end with.

  2. safer indeed…

  3. This is a very reflective poem and food for thought too (or fruit for thought!! )I particularly like “I wonder if I never saw them would I desire their succulence at this hourof reflection”.

    Just a little “by rhe way” , I read the other day rhat the riper the fruit the more nutritional value! 🙂

  4. Peaches… decadent, luxurious, and sooooo juicy. I’m pretty sure it was a peach, not an apple, that was tasted in the Garden of Eden… beautifully done.

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