The Great Green

by Devina

(via Pinterest)

I stand on the very edge
Of the cliff that lorded over
The lush pine forest
Like nothing I’ve never seen before
Just a plummeting step away
But I’m not like that
I’m here for the life of it all
I might as well be at the end
Of the world
An endless green horizon
Blessedly untouched
I revel in the purity
Of this emerald sea
Rippling of branches
Waving at the sky
With the wind fueling the tide
Eagles circle, dive and ascend
Bears snatch salmon upstream
Woodpeckers make annoying music
But a constant reassuring thing it is
A wonky metronome
Life goes on undisturbed
The circle of life, recycled
I stand here drinking it in
In hungry gulps
Because soon I must leave
The breeze kisses my face
As if it knows my sharp stinging sorrow
Makes me aware of the twin brine rivers
Streaming steadily down my face
The great green whispers
A breathy farewell
But return, I fancy they say,
Return, I whisper back,
I will.
© Devina S.

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