Natures Reading Room

by Shashi Moore


Natures Reading Room

Serenading the book undisturbed

Scenes unfold of the girl in blue on a bed of red

Hand in hand sailing into the world of make believe

Mirrored images of narrators’ readers rely

Night never but a day left for the spell to break calling the wizards

To undo the curse of the ancient sea-monster

Tradition of the sea gods to dwell on land a day without losing muse of its land

From the water world she burst aroused into the realm of birds and boughs

Trading fins for red toed shoes a gift for a good turn.

Enticed. knees drawn toes in red soles.

Pent up feelings unleashed in black and white

Lost between lines of magic ink tied to the letters in print

The purple mountains and the forest all die when the fingers turn pages of life.

The world of words alights with life to tell

For the time to stay still

By: Shashi Moore


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