Falling from the Moon

by willowdot21


Falling from the moon,

The stars said Ah!  the earth cried see you soon.

It did not seem so far when I had started out

But now as it goes on I begin to have some doubt.

The twinkling stars whizzed by

As I waved the moon goodbye.

I felt that I could fly

Felt I could zoom up and light the sky.

I began to shudder and shake,

What if I hit the earth too soon, would I would break.

Then wham my wings whipped out,with a bang.

The relief surged through me,fear was plucking at my heart strings Twang!

The fall had rather stretched my belief.

If I did not make it if I did not succeed I would come to grief.

Then like thunder dancing in an angry sky,

I took my place among the clouds, you ask me why.

I opened my eyes wide and the lightening flashed

I saw so far that all my hopes were dashed.

It was more than I wanted to know.

I could not cope, I just cried so.

Falling from the moon, the stars said Ah!

The earth cried see you soon. It did not seem too far

When I had started out

but now I am on my way  I have some doubt.


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