by Rana

We know what we are

to one another.

Miserable until we’re charred,

don’t understand why we bother

to cling at each others’ heels.

Perhaps you aren’t real.

If only my conscious mind

could phase you into nothing;

make you run out of time,

but you’re still chomping

at the bit.

Make it quick.

Catch you in the act,

bite my tongue , out for blood.

You push me ’til I crack,

my will crumbles to dust.

I cave under pressure,

consequences for good measure.

I despise you in my life,

you could not live without my faults.

I feel dejected, a lowlife,

so tired of your assault

on my patience, while you weary

of my fortitude. Clearly

we will kill each other, fall

side by side in shriveled graves.

There’s no shots called,

neither spineless nor brave,

only wallowing in worries;

mutual enemies.

2 Comments to “Hypocrisy”

  1. grim and powerful, you may have a type in heels vs heals in line five

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