“Kitchen Maid At Ten”


(poetry prompt for “Imaginary Garden with Real Toads)

Pinched rustic sleeve pushed up,

Up above her elbow,

Zucchini green

Handkerchief ‘round her neck like a

Thick-skin absorbing the sour tang from heat~


Her chop-quick arthritic wrist

In pace of habit,

Sliced, minced, shaved

White onions, garlic, and tomatoes,

Inventory to most beginnings;

And, the greasy-oil dapples

my once-upon-a-time as the oven

braised her Spaniard recipe~


Each evening was the shuck of a history

She’d skillfully simmer upon the iron

Skillet with the odors and sounds of

Spices, her once-upon-a-time as maid 

for the fringes of-the-elites~


Sweaty-waves of youthfulness were her only


Flowing over the bleached white basin

And, tomorrow never came as she dreamed,

But today’s platter effused my kitchen

In Love’s aromatherapy.

4 Comments to ““Kitchen Maid At Ten””

  1. My goodness Deb. This took my breath away and I could smell the ingredients as I read. Much love sweet friend *xoxo*

  2. This is so wonderful, I too could really smell and taste it all. I especially loved the last two lines, and also, ‘White onions, garlic, and tomatoes/Inventory to most beginnings’ – so true! At least, when I cook it is…:-)

  3. How domestically magical!

  4. Wonderfully aromatic! My beginnings always include carrot and celery too! 🙂 xx

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