Home Maintenance

by russtowne

Our lawns need mowing
A cobweb’s growing
A gate is sagging
Repairs are lagging
Shelves are dusty
A latch is rusty
A faucet leaks
Our hall floor creaks
Laundry’s piled on the floor
A broken knob is on a door
Our housekeeping is far from kept
But our home’s well maintained in some respects

The work we do around our house
Is less on things and more on ourselves
Love and laughter are brightly shined
And we focus on being kind
We don’t skimp on telling the truth
But for lies we have no use
Ego corrodes so we remove it fast
That’s how we make our relationships last
Our home’s foundation is built on trust
With big strong beams that‘ll never rust
Our home is warmed with love all night
And lit all day with love’s bright light
Our joy and fun have a brilliant gleam
And our faith has a polished sheen
Folks would do well to go somewhere else
If they want to visit a clean house
But if love and friendship are what you prefer
That kind of maintenance we never defer
So come in friends enjoy your stay
And may you feel welcome every day
–Russ Towne


6 Comments to “Home Maintenance”

  1. Love it! Priorities spot on!

  2. Lovely Russ, being house proud you forget about the important thing in life.

  3. personally It’s not preference but, a clean home invites the Spirit ~ nevertheless its excellent writing !

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