Giving up

by Chatty Owl

I hate you.
Your blunt way of avoiding me,
in a manner
of the cold state of my coffee.
Your frosty words,
that are more frigid
than your heart.
Where the hell are you?

I scream out loud
to an answer
of an empty reply –
no affection
or interest,
or desire to know me.
Me on my knees,
buckled to the floor,
like an ex con
of my own sins.
I keep on listening
to your songs,
because this is the only path
to you.
You better be dead,
because I have no strength
to forgive you.


11 Comments to “Giving up”

  1. Oh yes! I have been here! Very well expressed; now I have been reminded of something that happened 30 years ago and I am kind of seething! Not that I keep hold of resentments, you understand! 🙂


  2. Very expressive. Good to get it off your chest. I love the choice of words. Good poem. 🙂

  3. “frosty words.” Great illustrative turn of phrase.

  4. whoever it is doesn’t deserve forgiveness – to have caused such feelings in you makes them forgettable

  5. Ouch!
    Love the “cold state of my coffee” line.
    Good writing!

  6. Very strong and powerful poem.

  7. hope I never experience such emotional wounds~ hard to read~ well written !

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