“A White Ceramic Pot with Violets”



 [Landscape Prompt for Poetry Corner]

My eyes search my room full of the anointed-ness

Of my abundance!

There are closets-full of staples and essentials we

Women convert into vitals–

Tools to build an easier day-in and day-out living.

Screws and bolts and nails of all types to hold things

In place like muscle and sinew…

My pupil leans on the beauty of trinkets of years

Musty upon my photographs but dust-able on these like

A bit of today too discernible—

Wealth is relative; I am possessor of Himalayas of

Knowledge and wisdom in a couple shelves—

At my voice’s fingertips I could materialize the

Images of long past to my view…



I stand at a mountaintop I visit like the wind,

Sweeping nothing under my feet,

blowing nothing Above me but



And engulfing everything in oceanic gratitude…


Solomon held nothing but withered grass in his gold…

 I am content with my violets.








6 Comments to ““A White Ceramic Pot with Violets””

  1. the last two lines neatly wrapped this piece and placed a bow on it… what a gift you have…

  2. I love your poem Deborah, and I love your landscape 🙂 xx

  3. Very nice poem Debbie, is that for the challenge here.

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