Nocturnal plight

by Shashi Moore


Nocturnal Plight

As dusk awakes the objects take shape

From vague outline to detailed vivid beings

Nocturnal sight alight peer at crawling delights

Mice, rats or even chicks that come in sight

My eyes wide open, I perch on the birch

Tis different tonight, I have no meal or bite

Ninety nights and nine in row I waited to

Dine with Gale, my blind date.

Scuffle and ruffle a sound too familiar

Grips from empty gut strikes, I respond

My wings clap bill snaps, hinds tilted

My talons hold crags of bole poised to dive

Appear in my view not one but two

Thick, juicy, robust mice

In hurry to their young homeward

Oblivious of lurking danger in trees

I freeze, let my meal go by

To feast with its family near fireside

Fierce feared predator, I may be

But, I too have a soul that sees

Date and dine fantasy blight

Twice stumped for the night

By: Shashi Moore



7 Comments to “Nocturnal plight”

  1. I cant not like it…. Brilliant….

  2. “Dine with Gale”
    “Ninety nine nights and nine …”
    some smashing lines in this one.
    Great image too!

  3. Gale is actually Devina’s imaginary owl friend, so you can imagine why the blind date never turned up. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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