Remember me, Myra (Poetry Challenge: Landscape)

by Devina


Dear Myra, heartland of my mother

With your air so crisp and cleansing

I inhale as I zing by on my way to school

Your elegant emerald gown trails on the land

The sun strokes golden fingers through it’s soft fluttering veil

Lighting it up from within as if with sprite fire


Oh Myra, you will be with me everywhere

You with whom I find solace

A sense of belonging

You will be the piece of home

I will take with me on every

Road I will walk


I will remember your fields of sugarcane

With their upraised hands reaching up

To stroke the baby blue sky

The sky that never lacked a fleet of clouds

Clouds with handsome cargo and shades of dawn

Sailing on the celestial currents far and wide


I will remember how the full moon

Kissed you in those dark hours

Like a wicked friend, I stood on the balcony

Steeling glimpses as the pearly beams

Shimmered and swayed along your fertile green

He bathed you with love, all that he could

To give you something the sun couldn’t

Until he met you again

At full mast the next time


Dearest Myra, with the birds in your hair

You see me don’t you?

Right there, on my grandfather’s porch

Swinging high on the hammock

You must know I love you so


I hope for you Myra, that the men

Wouldn’t take you away,

That they wouldn’t rape you of your beauty

Of your charm, you warmth, your happiness

That they won’t take you away from me

From my children yet to be, I want them for you to see

I pray for you that they dare not embed

Things hard and grey, unyielding proof

Of man’s selfishness and disrespect


Fight back if they should come to claim you

From the gentle folk that care

Reach within the earth and bind them with

The magic of the earthen kingdom

From which you hail


Myra, remember me, will you?

I’ve always meant you well

You’re simple beauty

No mighty mansion

Could ever fell

Remember me, Myra

The girl that grew up adoring you

The one that dreamed

Of running in your wildness

Under your delightful spell

© Devina S.

6 Responses to “Remember me, Myra (Poetry Challenge: Landscape)”

  1. Devina, your words always leave me in awe and wondering, how is it possible to be able to write so well.. This is beautiful.


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