The last walk home

by willowdot21

Poetry challenge: Landscape.

Photo from fine art

The road is dry and my feet are bare

but I am heading for home, I just must get there.

I walked this way when I went to school

so full of hope open to learning the rule.

I trod this way  as I grew older

my books got heavier and the winters got colder.

I would often stop and look to the sky

and see the birds migrating, my young inquiring mind asking “Why”

As I got older the boys would carry my books,

we rode in their cars and in summer we splashed around in the brooks.

The coffee bars were the place to be

when learning and Saturday jobs were done and we were free.

I drove this rode as I left home

off I went around this world to roam.

I learned all the things I thought I needed to,

yet in the end I came home to you.

Back to you and all you hold,my loves my hates,

my friends and my safety behind the garden gates.

Time has past and so have we but still this road we travel our steps free

a little afraid I hope they have all managed the last walk like me.

Oh! how lovely, what a sight to see every single ghost from the past has made it back just like me.


8 Comments to “The last walk home”

  1. You gave life to the beautiful poetry. Funny how we look at life different with age and time. Thank you for the excellent poem.

  2. Lovely job, sad, sweet and evocative.

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