The Narrative of the Earth’s Revenge

by soad88

“Why do you allow a hateful and ignorant creation to desecrate my soil?”

“Though most of man is evil, a small group holds unto truth.”

“But why let them commit such evils and walk free?”

“They do not walk for long and their youth is limited.”

“Let me have my vengeance upon man.”

“So you shall have it so. For when their phase is done”

 “You shall swallow them into your soil”

“And crush their youthful bones”

“Strip them of all control”

“Tear apart their hearts”

“And rid them of their soul.”

“Fester upon their meager parts”

“Cleanse them of all spoil”

“For when they come to me,”

“I will not end it there”

“For every footstep driven into your soil

I take its rent in full”

“And who in this lifetime has ever counted

Mere footsteps  

Would be considered a fool.”


2 Comments to “The Narrative of the Earth’s Revenge”

  1. sounds like the book of Ecclesiastiastes~ excellent !

  2. thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it! Your comments are greatly appreciated! 🙂

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